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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by csl, Jul 24, 2009.

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    i am looking to install an ez-flo fertilizer system for a homewner of mine. he really needs to cut back on watering due to recent well retrictions. however, ez-flo says you cant install the system with a backflow, you have to use a pvb. there are many raised beds, so the pvb would be like 6' in the air. i called ez-flo, but they really had no advice. i know you dont need a backflow with a well system, but i am worried about the fertilizer coming back through the main line. any help would be great. thanks
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    You need a RP like a Febco 825 or a Watts 007 They are about 120 $$ for a 1" at Ewing. I would look at a Fertile Earth injector rather than EZ Flo. I did beta testing for both before they were available on the market.

    You can't run much besides water soluble synthetic liquid through the EZ Flo That wont help any with water penetration. Organcs always clogged up the EZ flow when I was using it. Also a 500 to 1 ratio to 15,000 to 1 ration in less than an inch of adjustment is not very exact to say the least. So how much product are you putting down???

    A organic or bridge product that marries a biological base with a very small amount of synthetic will condition the soil over time. This will allow your water to penetrate deeper over time and send the roots deeper as well. That will save you water.

    EZ Flow has probably made some improvements over the years I last used them in the early 90's. They were just jerks after the testing was complete. My old company still has 15-20 of their jacked up units that they would not replace in a store room. They never throw anything away. Ez Flo even sent a rep to a class on Fertilizer Injectors I was teaching and the guys check for the class bounced. The company would not cover the cost, it was like 35 bucks :confused: I can't believe I ever helped those guys out. The company has also changed hands several times over the years.

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