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    Will the EZCHUTE mulch flapper fit on 32" models? I will be purchasing 32" Viking's come spring & would like this attach.

    Also can it be used with the bag attach?

    Can it be adapted to work on a Toro T-bar unit?

    On my current eXmark WB's 36" & up, I have the Micro Mulch kits but will replacing with this new product.

    Good job eXmark!
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    if you would have read the enitre post, you would have read that EXchute is NOT affiliated with eXmark.
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    Ultimate Machine,

    The EZCHUTE is not an Exmark product and we cannot recommend it. Because it appears to replace the factory discharge chute we must inform you that it could possibly cause a safety concern and we would recommend that you stay with the factory mulching kit.

    You would need to contact the manufacturer to determine what it will and will not fit.


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    While I see your point in the standard"we cannot recommend it" line

    When you have a mulch kit / discharge chute that can switch from mulching to side discharge in SECONDS then it will be comparable to an OCDC otherwise your not even in the same category.

    I get tired of nearing this party line from manufacturers about anything that one of there engineers didn't come up with.

    Sorry for the rant,
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    And just for the record, a discharge cover isn't going to do the same thing as a true mulch kit.

    How do I know? I tried to put just the cover plate from my micro mulch kit on to see what it would do. It left a strip of clumped grass along the line I cut. The clippings just hit the cover plate and drop leaving a line.

    The OCDC's are for when cutting along planted beds, cars, houses, or anywhere you don't want to shoot clippings.
    But you wouldn't want to run it over the whole lawn in the closed position.
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    Your right on the money from what we've seen as well.

    While there is a place for both, we don't believe they will perform the same tasks at the same performance level.


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    As far as aftermarket attachments go we actually support several and actively promote them. Please remember that there is not financial incentive for us to promote someone else’s product only to help our customers perform their daily tasks better, faster and more efficiently. However these products are built by manufacturers that have taking certain safety and reliability precautions in their design and manufacture of their products. This is all part of bringing a product to market and hopefully realizing some financial rewards for doing so. A couple of these aftermarket manufacturers include JRCO and RAD. Both are quality products and we feel meet the expectations of those who would be willing to purchase them.

    We can't endorse products that we know nothing about or products that we feel have not been tested properly against a known and reasonable safety standard. If a manufacturer can not or will not invest the time energy and resources to test their products we certainly aren't going to promote them. As I state in another post you wouldn't promote a chemical applicator to your customers if you felt he/she wasn't certified, could create a safety hazard to your customers and you had never met.

    Please understand that we realize there is a need and demand for such a product but also understand that the product must meet certain standards before we can endorse it.



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