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  1. ivenholt

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    I am using a Toro 36" w/b proline w/ the t-bar steering and called today about getting an "Ezchute" for it, but the guy said it would only work on Exmarks w/ the "ECS" steering...does anyone know of something else I could get?
  2. Buckeye1

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    If I remember correctly, the Exmark 36 Metro ezchute will fit the 36 Toro Proline. I think the decks are the same on those models.
  3. bugspit

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  4. ivenholt

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    Yeah I think you are right, but he said it wouldn't work with the t-bar steering...
  5. IndyPropertyCare

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    ivenholt..... We purchased (1) ocdc and now make our own. It is sooooo...simple to do. You just have to have or access to some tools and you just make your own. The products on the market today cost approx. $25.00 in materials and they sell them for $200.00.......yep, your correct.....learn to make them yourself and SAVE some of that $$$$$ you earned.

  6. ivenholt

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    Thanks, Got any pics?

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