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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by PurpHaze, May 23, 2007.

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    .... not really, just the zone indicator number. :)

    Went out on a zone at a high school that had "stopped working" according to the site groundsmen. Found that the wire conduit to the valve had been destroyed by a stump grinder. We put the conduit in back in May 2000 due to gopher activity and failure of the original plumbers that installed the system to run any extra wire in this area. We didn't go real deep in 2000 because we didn't want to hit our mains/laterals in the area.

    Used the 521 to locate exactly where the break was to save some digging. We then just repaired the conduit and ran all new 14 gauge wire. Zone is working again.

    BTW... The valve didn't just "stop working" since the tree that used to be there was removed and grinded back in early December. This valve hadn't worked at all this season which is evident by the completely dead zone. These site guys must think we can't see right through them.

    We also have a main line leak about 10' away which is also caused by the same tree roots. We dug down but there's still too many roots so it'll be Bobcat backhoe time for this one. At least Sheshovel can't get excited about ripping out these roots because the tree no longer exists. :)

    GWHS Zone F-15 5-23-07 IV-01.jpg

    GWHS Zone F-15 5-23-07 IV-02.jpg

    GWHS Zone F-15 5-23-07 IV-03.jpg
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    That's funny, I had two tree root problems on one home today. One of the leaks I saw last fall when I blew the system out. Air coming out of an area where no tree or grass is, all rock. But the stump is still under ground. Not sure when it was taken down.
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    Things tend to run in cycles on Internet forums and message boards. Talk about something and it starts happening to alot of the members. :)
  4. PurpHaze

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    Here's the small stump I removed form my backyard on Sunday. Gotta do a few things so all's in order to put the house up for sale this summer.

    Backyard Stump Removal IV-01.jpg
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    What kind of pic is that! No boots, feet, or camera cases.
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    My tech and I call that "the stink eye". We'll drive by a house that we haven't worked on in years, or mention so-and-so for some reason, and BAM! - that person calls.
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    How bout mulching those beds with some nice bark? I know a gal up the hill that can install you one hellofa great drip system. Fix that lawn too!
  8. PurpHaze

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    I know the feeling. There's a couple of sites that we never mention because as soon as we do... something real screwy comes up at them. It's like inviting a PITA disaster. :)
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    They used to have pecan shells as mulch but that went away years ago. I don't think it's worth my while to mulch them now. And drip is already installed and been working fine for nearly 18 years.

    Pulling the stump was prep for reseeding.
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    pecan shells created a big crow infestation at one place I did.

    It was funny, I guess not to many people use that as mulch anymore.


    Any time I drive by a PITA customer I would say their name three times.

    kinda like saying----Beetle Juice, Beeltle Juice, Beetle Juice.
    Only had one call me back that same night, so I quit doing that!:laugh:

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