f 250, f350, or k2500

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by JML, Jun 21, 2000.

  1. JML

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    Hello, I am looking at new used trucks.<br>1998 Chevy Cheyenne 2500 4x4<br>1997 F 350 4x4<br>1997 F 250 4x4<br>all have under 30,000 miles and are all in the same price range give or take a grand.<br>All have the same options, stripped.. with a/c. I was wondering which truck would be the best Ford or Chevy. Thanks for your help
  2. Scraper

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    Well, if I had the money I'd look for an F-350 Superduty stakebody dump (most likely gas). Too much new equipment this year to justify that, so I'm awaiting next year.
  3. SKDCO

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    I would go for the F-350 super duty also. Look for a cab-chassis,the cost should be lower,and price around for bodies or if you know a good welder,let him build you a bed
  4. plowking35

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    Well the chevy will get better gas mileage, better engine and a better tranny,better ride and IMO better looks.<br>However with the f-350you will get a better front axle combo with the solid front end.And higher gvw. <br>The f-250 isnt really an option for me, the front axel on that year truck is nothing but trouble, and will have severe tire wear problems.<br>In all they are all good trucks, but i am a chevy man at heart, and the 350is a die hard, and the 4l80e tranny is very stout.
  5. Alan

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    I know this is opinionated, but you only looked at one truck, the K2500. Chevy/GMC has been good to me over the years, Ford, on the other hand has treated me poorly.
  6. ddg

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    I have a 97 dodge Ram 2500 with the Cummins diesel. Bought it new, has 103,000 on it now, not a dime's worth of trouble, the best vehicle I've ever owned, gets 22 mpg on $1.39 fuel. Diesel fuel is usually about 45 cents cheaper than gas around Lawrence, KS area. 40% fewer moving parts than Ford Powerstroke, & almost twice the main bearing surface area! A tractor & construction equipment motor de-rated & put in a pickup!
  7. CCLC

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    I have a 1998 K2500 and 1999 K3500. I have had no trouble with either of them. They have the power needed to be our work horses. The K2500 has 37000 miles and has pulled a 6000 lb enclosed mowing trailer daily all season long and plowed all winter long. I replaced a F250 superduty with the K3500. The only thing that we miss is the higher frontend clearance. With snow plows on the GM trucks there is very little clearance even with 2500 lbs of salt in the hopper. I would buy a Ford again just for the plowing aspect of it but my maintenance was higher on the Ford. I do have a F150 with 170,000 miles on it that runs like a dream with no problems.
  8. John DiMartino

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    The F350 is probably better for plowing because of clearance,and the 250 is a TTB front end-garbage.The K2500 is the one you want if ride and comfort are important,it also has the better trans,engine-the truck will need about 1/2 the repairs of the Ford from what Ive seen.Id buy the GM,resale confirms what we have,its worth more used because its better built and will give its owner longer service life with less problems,on average.<p>----------<br>John D<br>
  9. Stinger

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    Hey, you guys up north ought to price trucks<br>down south. They'll cost as much as $3,000 <br>more than you'll have to pay.Around here in central texas 3/4 ton diesel models are popular with the pretty boys for pulling their toys around all weekend.Personally after 5 years and 5 trucks later I won't drive anthing smaller than a one ton dually.Sure most trucks are ok for pulling lawn equipment around,but if you landscape and deliver most of your own materials to the job site you'll need a truck that will get it done in one trip.Strongly suggest 1-ton ford powerstroke diesel w/standard trans.I have 2, 3/4 ton Chevys,350 w/auto tranny& 410gears for lighter work.There ok for dependability but would not buy again if using for heavy jobs. Watch out on the Dodge, I'ts Cummings Diesel is great and will out last the truck but a buddy of mine has 2 Dodge 1-ton Diesels w/standard transmissions he purchased new.Informed me that the tranny&rear end go out around 100,000 miles.Get the F350 Ford even if it's<br>more truck than you really need it should last longer than a smaller 3/4 ton that would work harder at the same job.
  10. Victor

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    John, and Plow King. I'm gonna have to disagree with you guys. I work for a major airline at one of it's hub cities. It's safe to say that we have one heck of a lot of trucks. When I used to work in ground maintenance I had access to all of the maintenance records (since It was my responsibility to fix the trucks). We stopped buying Chevy trucks because we could only get 5 years service out of them. The Fords were lasting much longer, while spending less time in the shop. Our Powerstrokes, and 460's would out pull any of our Chevys hands down (try pulling a 15 ton push-tug with one, and you'll see what I mean). The Chevys did have a nicer ride, but that's the only nod I can give to the Chevys. <p>Victor

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