F-550 or GMC 5500?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by McKeeLand, Jul 20, 2006.

  1. McKeeLand

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    Ok i have a 2000 F-450, 7.3L with a six speed. It has 122k on it and i am looking to replace it. i want to go with a heaver truck, the 550 or 5500. i am a die hard ford man, but have dumped thousand into this truck and my last truck, 92 F-superduty 7.3L. I am considering the gmc, in fact i test drove one tonite. i like alot about it, but i dont like alot about it too. First the looks take alot to get use to. Also duramax seems to be a lot slower than the powerstroke, to me, but you get the allison trans. The gmc just look like a heavier truck than the ford. Then of course the 6.0 PS has been nothing but problems. Any way i was hoping to hear some pros and cons from everybody out there. Thanks for any input guys.
  2. jazak

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    If you don't care about the wider truck then I would get the 5500 especaily if you do light excavation because it pulls skids, mini-exs, ext much better then the F-550. But if you want to get into backyards ext the F-550 is a little more manuverable for tigh areas. Around here all the tree guys use F-550s because we can get into tighter places then the 5500 but all the excavators and some landscapers have the 5500 because of a little heavier duty truck then the F-550 plus it pulls better. Just my .00002
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    I would go with the Ford. My whole fleet is F-250 through F-550's and all are either 5.4 gas or 6.0 diesels and none have had any problems so far, from the engines or transmissions. I did have a '04 Chevy 4500 and the frame cracked on it so I decided from then on just to stick with Ford trucks. GM knows how to make what looks like a truck (G-series van body on a brittle frame), but Ford knows how to make real trucks.
  4. notoriousDUG

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    The 6.0 is not the problem that it once was. Our new 6.0 trucks have been trouble free. The issues with them where mostly wiht the programming and now that international is doingit rather then Ford they have been fine.

    The only other issue is with either turbo cokeing or rusting form either excesive idle time or only short trips.

    The Duramax is a good motor but I stil think the 6.0 is superior. Plus I feel that the GM chassis are no where near as good as the comprable Ford.
  5. Gravel Rat

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    If all you need is a 2wd dump truck look at Hino the 185 would prolly suit your needs. When I looked at the 185 it has a heavy frame it has all what a little medium duty truck should have. Its a little lower powered over a Ford or Chevy but if your only doing interurban work.

    I'am a die hard Ford man too but when you have to spend 50,000 dollars for a F-550 Cab and Chassis 4x4 diesel which is what I would have to pay a dealer you want something that will last 4 years.

    A Hino 185 has 6000lb front axle 13,000lb rear axle has a 90,000 tensile frame 175hp-347ftlb engine not big on power but good on fuel and a 18,000lb gvw.

    I know two guys with Hino trucks one is a COE the last year Hino made a 18,000lb gvw COE truck and the other guy has a 2006 185. They both had Ford F-450 trucks both of them say the same thing their fuel mileage trippled and the reliability doubled going with the Hino trucks. They travel about the same amount of travel I know the distance of their route they both saved atleast 100 dollars in fuel per trip they make. When we pay upto $4.22 per gallon of diesel fuel you want good MPG.

    They don't know each other the one guy is a wood worker he creates custom wood work for expensive houses he has the COE and the other guy is a metal recycler has the 185. I also talked to another guy with a Hino COE (18,000lb gvw) the truck has been to New York and back down into the southern states and back. That is far far away from the West Coast of Canada the guy that owns the truck says he's never had a problem with the truck it goes anywhere he wants to go.

    If I had enough work and only used the truck for work a Hino 185 with a dump body would be in my driveway.
  6. Travel'n Trees

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    You need to call FORD and ask them if you can haul, what you haul. I haul rock, dirt, mulch, and sand. and dealers all over the U.S. have not warrantied work on my 550 because I haul those products, FORD the manufacture completely backed it. Erie, PA., Blue Springs, Mo., Arnold Missouri, Crystal Springs Ms., Brookhaven, Ms., New Orleans, La., Kansas City, Mo., Lee's Summit, Mo., FORD dealers in these town stated the same thing.
  7. McKeeLand

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    Thanks for all your input. i want to test drive a new F550 this weekend to see the difference in the two. I did consider the hino for a little bit on the advise of my mech. but he has since advised me away from them because the repairs on them are very expensive. He said he did a brake job on one and it ran a couple thousand dollars.
    Another question i was wondering is do you guys with crew cabs think you get the use out of the?. Are they worth the extra money and turning radius?
    Thanks again for the input.
  8. jazak

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    If you are constantly moving more then 2 or 3 guys to each job and will only have this truck availible to movr then and the equipment then I would get it if not then I wouldn't waste the extra $$$. For the ford why not get ext cab? Its not as long doesn't cost a whole lot more $$ like the crew cab and keeps the truck from becoing really hard to turn.
  9. olderthandirt

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    Don't want to get into what truck is better BS. But I can tell you that this is the last yr for the 6 liter power stroke according to the dealer. Ford has had to many problems with it and its being replaced with a 6.4 diesel.
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    BINGO. .

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