F-650 dump truck or what other choices? need help!

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by AdvLandscapeLLC, Jul 8, 2011.

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    I'm currently in the market for a dump truck I want an f-650 ideally with a 16-18ft flatbed dump. I haul bundles of slabwood approx 300-400 cord a year and I need to be able to get two bundles on the truck to make it worth while. Currently I am using my 05 ram 3500 cummins dually and a 16ft gooseneck dump trailer 14000lb rating.

    Each bundles ways from 3800-4800lbs depending on moisture content the bundles are roughly 8' long. I'm looking for truck options here, should i go with a ford, izuzu, freightshaker, chevy, etc.... also does anyone know how much payload these 650's can legally haul?

    Also i would like to be under $16000:usflag:

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    My 03 F650 weighs in at 14,000lbs with 14' body so would legally leave you with 12,000lbs payload. Mine might weigh a bit more than what your thinking about because I have a switch n go body system.

    I like the 650 it is a great truck and setup. Also look at International 4300,

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    We have a 18000 gvw mitsu with a 12 foot grain body. The truck weighs 10300 so that leaves you 7300 for payload. We really like it because they turn on a dime and do not squat. I would definitely look at cabovers if I were you. Good luck.
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    I would love a cabover for maneuverability but I cant find anything priced reasonable and with a 10,000-12,000 payload capacity, I would like a 12000lb payload to have that extra buffer for ease on the truck and CT DOT is horrendous with stopping trucks on the highway and town roads. If i do a 650 its hopefully gonna have the cat or cummins I really dont want a powerstroke 7.3's arnt bad but I refuse to own a 6.0 piece of garbage. We have them in the ambulances at firehouse and they are nothing but junk. i heard the 7.3 is very under powered in the 650's
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