F/S 2 Hustler Shortcut 1500's

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by cajuncutter, Oct 29, 2010.

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    I have two Shortcuts for sale. The first is my original 54" Shortcut. The mower was purchased in '99. I replaced the motor with a new 25 Kohler CV30s Command engine. The motor has 1 1/2 seasons on it, I do not know the hours. The mower itself does need some TLC, the engine is very strong. Ever since I got my Hustler Hog converted to a mower I stopped using the original mower. I have robbed several parts off of it and keep saying I will just order new parts and get it back running...but I never did. Couple of hundred bucks and this mower will be ready to mow. The second mower is mower and carrier frame only..no deck. The frame is for a 48" rear DC deck. This mower to me was just going to be strictly a parts mower..that is what I bought it for. It also has either a 25 or a 22 command on it..original engine but does run. I would like to get $1500 for the pair..just the 25 Kohler alone is worth over 1200 new. If I must break it down I will but would rather sell it all as a set. Shoot me a PM if interested.
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    My name is Spencer, want to know if you are interested in trading your shortcut mowers for a 19hp diesel tractor bolens that runs good. Have pics on my phone call or text me some pics if interested (318)518-2709. Thanks
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    I bought a 1500 in 98' when they first cam on the market. I had the 48" upper-cut deck with catcher. I was the only one in the 6 surrounding counties with a Hustler-had one before people even knew Hustler existed. This really brings back memories-Paid $7400.
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    Do you still have your mowers if so text me some pics at (318)518-2709
  5. bugjunior

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    Want to know if you still have your shortcut mowers?
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