F/S:2006 Toro w/b,2006 Cub Cadet

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Bolo9092, Aug 13, 2006.

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    (1)I have up for sale a new Toro w/b with a 48" deck.This has he Turbo force deck with the adjustable baffle.It has the t bar controls and is a 5 speed+reverse.I also purchased a dual wheel velkie with it also.I paid $3520 for the mower and velkie and that was including tax and so forth.I will take $2950 for both mower and velke.I haven't even ran out a tank of gas in it so basically its still new.BTW it has a 15hp Kawasaki motor:weightlifter:

    (2)I have a 1500 series Cub Cadet with a 50" deck.It has a 25hp Kohler in it.This tractor only has 23hrs on it.I bought it for my wife to use but decided to get a zero turn rider insted.This tractor comes with a 3 yr warranty also inwhuch if you have a problem with it they come to your house to fix it which is pretty nice.I take extremely good care of my stuff.I always blow my tractors off and then wash them after every cut.I paid $2400+tax for the cub and would take $1850 for it

    PM me if you are interested in either mower.I will get some pictures of the two tractors tomarrow
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    Hey Bolo please contact me 843 200 8230. It's about an ebay auction. Can't find a way to contact you. Says you replied to a post I made but I cant get to it for some reason on here. Thanks!

  3. Bolo9092

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    I emailed you back.I sold the walkbehind locally today

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