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F/S: Toro Proline WB 32" gear w/ Velke

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by Pecker, Feb 26, 2006.

  1. Pecker

    Pecker LawnSite Bronze Member
    Messages: 1,454

    Just in time for Spring!

    Toro Proline 32" WB. I bought this used a year or two ago to use on backyards. I use my ZTR 98% of the time and a wb is just not warranted on the small backyards I bought it for. I have literally put less than 15 hours on it since I bought it. Although not garage kept, I have kept it out of the weather. Here's the deal:

    The good:
    Original paint - decent condition - not abused, just average cosmetic wear for a used mower.
    Usually starts on first pull cold or hot. Takes about 3/4 pulls in really cold weather.
    New transmission ($475) - less than 5 hours on it
    New Velke ($270) - less than 5 hours on it
    New carburator right after I bought it because it was loping ($75 + labor)
    New discharge chute (with some use on it now though) ($60)
    New fuel lines and filter (soon after I bought it)
    New air filter (soon after I bought it)
    Two spare blades (3 blades altogether - 2 with one sharpening on them)
    Also comes with mulch kit.

    The bad:
    Minor oil leak coming from drain plug (easy fix)
    Drive belts bind in reverse during cold weather for some reason (easy fix)
    One of the front castors needs a new grease zerk - but has always worked great for me, although it can't last forever this way)
    Drive tires are worn but hold air great and are perfectly functional

    The only thing I can foresee this thing needing in the distant future is new belts. The current ones were on it when I bought it and have worked fine (I think the drive belts are pretty good, but would change the deck belt if I were using this thing on a daily basis, just for dependability).

    I have around $1400 in the unit including new parts. This thing is ready for daily use for years to come and will make somebody a nice unit, even as a good back-up unit. It has always been reliable for me. . .I just don't need it anymore.

    I live in Northwest Louisiana and you would need to pick the unit up personally. Asking $950 cash or money order. If you pay my price, I'll throw in the Toro cordura mower cover.

    Please PM me if interested and we can exchange telephone numbers. Also, I have a few picture of it but don't know how to post them on here but can e-mail them.

    Thanks - this will make someone a nice machine!

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