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    I've got a 1999 F150. It's been a great truck, no major problems after about 122000 miles. Except the freakin' starter. I have put 3 starters on this thing, and I have a continual problem with the battery cable coming loose and/or corroding off. About every 6 months the cable will work its way loose and I'll have to get under there and tighten it up. In May, the cable broke right off, I had to put a new eyelett on the end of it. Today, I went under to tighten the cable up and the bolt that the cable connects to the starter with broke right off. I have been caught in some very bad times with the truck not starting. I'm pretty pissed about the whole thing. Other than that stupid part, I've had no problems with the truck.

    Anyone else have any similar problems or hear about anyone else having this problem?

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    get some (permatex / loctite)

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