F250 6.0 Diesel

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by d&rlawncare, May 20, 2007.

  1. d&rlawncare

    d&rlawncare LawnSite Senior Member
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    Im looking at a 2004 F250 6.0 Diesel. Any concerns from this year/engine I should know about? Any input on ANY diesel I should buy would be great. Fire away...
  2. IA_James

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    from Iowa
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    The 6.0's are famous for stuff like leaking everywhere, blowing head gaskets, turbos and injectors dieing, running like crap for no reason, and lots of other fun stuff. Find a 7.3 if you have to have a Ford, or an 03 or newer Dodge. Pretty much any year of Duramax would be good too, I haven't heard about alot of problems with them. If you see a Banks sticker, or evidence of the motor being modified on any diesel, run the other way, who knows what they did to it.
  3. chris_poyner

    chris_poyner LawnSite Member
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    not to be an arse but if you see banks stickers on the truck, slap the owner.
  4. IA_James

    IA_James LawnSite Silver Member
    from Iowa
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    I was thinking more of a kick to the knee, but that would work too.
  5. twj721

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    I bought a used one in July 2005 with 39000 miles on it and so far only had cab off body 1 time thus far only been in shop 2 times 1 was when the selling dealer did the service they tightened the fuel filter cap too tight and when I had fuel filter chnged the housing busted so I was out $100.00 for ded and the other was the famous headgasket and egr cooler problems now have about 58,000 miles and only complaint is the fuel mileage SUCKS :cry: APPROX 10-13MPG LOCAL PULLING 16 ft GN trailer with turf tiger and saber tooth tiger mower plus all the othe r mowing crap . think if this truck was a manual it would get better fuel mileage over all love the truck just wish it was paid off :laugh:
  6. stroker51

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    The salesman that I bought one of my old body style 7.3's from at a Ford dealership, has an 04. He told me that if you seriously are lookin at one, get the VIN and have your Ford dealer see what it has been the shop for. If it has been just for regular maintenance and no big problems, then it will probably be a trouble free truck, if it's been in a bunch, steer clear. The ones that have had very few problems i guess stay that way, and the ones that are lemons stay lemons.

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