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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Roger, Nov 5, 2003.

  1. Roger

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    I bought an F250 SD XL model about two months ago. I pull a landscape trailer (6 1/2 X 12, single axle) with mowers, blowers, etc.

    I am troubled by the lack of vision from the right side rear view mirror. The mirror is not convex, so the field of vision is not very large. When backing my trailer into driveways, or other tight places, I cannot see the trailer wheels when I have some angle between the pickup and trailer.

    I've not been successful in buying a "moon" type, convex mirror to attach to the existing mirror. I know that such mirrors are made for larger rear view mirrors (Western style, vertical mirrors), but I've seen nothing for the simpler mirrors on this pickup.

    My mirror has a single point of connection to the door hinge post. I think that perhaps the XLT model may have a double arm, perhaps supporting a larger mirror. Remember my pickup is an XL model (yea - I wanted a simple work truck!).

    Thanks for any leads.

    DUSTYCEDAR LawnSite Fanatic
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    try pep boys stick on mirror selection
  3. EagleLandscape

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    ya, you can buy new mirrors for 155 a piece with the 2 part convex thingy
  4. gogetter

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    Roger, I have the same mirrors on my '96 F250.
    It's too small of a mirror to stick one of those round convex mirrors on to it, it would take up most of the mirror.

    But they do make a mirror that attaches to the outside edge of your existing mirror. I'll have to look through my truck accessory catalogs and see if I can find the exact name or part number.

    I'll get back to ya.
  5. fastlane

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    I have 1 and1/2" diam. stick ons. $3 at auto store.
  6. gogetter

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  7. GLS

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    You could buy a set of factory towing mirrors on ebay. I don't know if you like the look of them or not, but I wish I could get a pair of these for my truck. I think you could get a set on ebay for about $120.
  8. Planet Landscaping

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    Luv my 01 optional adjust in or out F350 towing mirrors.Try and get a set of them.
  9. Roger

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    Thanks for the input. Shortly after my initial post, I happened by an RV sales shop. I did buy a strap-on model for about $17. It is probably not as secure as the one shown on mirrormirror.com, but it is a huge help. I can follow the trailer wheel when reversing far better than before. The glass is flat, not convex (which I would prefer). All the suggestions are good ones for me to check out this off-season. Thanks.

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