F250 XL 5.4- Who runs them? And would it be enough truck for me?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tcls83, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. tcls83

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    I am seriously considering an 06 F250 XL Reg. cab long bed 5.4/ Fisher plow. I know the owner of a local Ford dealer very well, and from the sound of it, I am getting a very sweet deal on this truck (The reason why I am going with a Ford). I currently run a 97 Dodge 1500 4x4 with 165k and figure it is time for an upgrade. Obviously, I would be plowing with this new Ford, and may consider dropping a fullsized sander in the bed.

    Or since I am not using my current Dodge as a trade, I am going to sell on the side of the road (very busy road) to get a little more money for it rather than using it as a trade (by the way the old Dodge is mint body-wise). And buy an older 1-ton dump (preferably if it is cheap and easy to fix myself) from that money and then some. And would consider dropping the sander in that truck. Since I really do need two plow trucks for this winter. I am planning on using one truck for sanding/plowing, and one solely for plowing.

    So, if I decide to sand with this new truck, would the 3/4 ton payload capacity be enough to hold a sander? And I have test drove the truck, and can admit the 5.4 seems a little doggish compared to the others. I am hoping it better be enough to tow equipment safely and easily, and can tow heavier loads if the business continues to expand (when I will be towing more equipment). But the reason I am going with the 5.4 over the 6.0 diesel is solely the price (and I've heard the bad stories about the 6.0).

    Has anyone towed any serious loads with the F-250 5.4? Would picking up an F-350 XL 5.4 justify the price difference? And how is that 5.4 motor?

  2. lwcmattlifter

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    The 350 is worth it for the extra 1000 or 1100 lb payload, especially if you are going to use a sander. How much is the price difference?
  3. Az Gardener

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    I don't think so. I have a F150 with the same engine and it doesn't pull great, a 12' enclosed not to bad. A 16' enclosed, did it once wouldn't do it again. I have also owned the 250's and I may just be spoiled by older trucks but the newer trucks don't handle the weight too well. I could easily put 1-ton on my old 3/4 ton Chevy and in wouldn't squat a bit. Not the case with a newer truck.
  4. tcls83

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    You, know, I'd have to check on that. There were no 06 F-350 XL Reg. cabs on the lot, and at the time I did not think about the price difference. I am assuming the 350 is probably $1500-$2000 more.
  5. tcls83

    tcls83 LawnSite Member
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    The thing is too, the F-350 diesel could run me $7000 more compared to the F-250 V8 gas. And I do not mind the XL (base) interior package. I just want a capable work truck. Just wondering if this F-250 V8 gas is plenty capable for the much lower price compared to the diesel F-350. And the V-10 is out of the question for obvious reasons (gas hog).
  6. Fordsuvparts

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    I have a 1999 F-250 4x4 with the 5.4 auto and bought it with 50,000 miles. It was used to plow for 2 years and now it is in pretty bad shape. We did upgrade the tranny cooler on it to the biggest one that would fit and it helped alot on tranny temps. The front ends, brakes, tranny and engine just aren't heavy enough for continuos plowing. We retired it from plowing 2 years ago and it now has a utility box on if for the construction crews or mowings crew to use. The tranny has a good amount of metal shavings and so does the engine. It has started to eat parts for the steering column and auto shifter assembly. We will run this truck till it dies and then use it for parts. I would spend the extra $$$$ on a F-350 Diesel with the plow package.
  7. grandview (2006)

    grandview (2006) LawnSite Gold Member
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    Here's my truck with dump trailer also have 8.2 Boss plow. Never really had a problem.

    mower pixs 008 (Small) (Small).JPG
  8. Dirty Water

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    We have a F-250 with the 5.4.

    It's a poor tower, and for its power a pig on fuel.

    I wouldn't get another.
  9. hosejockey2002

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    If you don't have to tow much, the 5.4 will probably do fine for plowing and sanding. I almost bought one, but found a 6.0 Chevy 2500HD for $3K less. If you're shying away from the V10 because of mpg, don't. Empty mileage may be a little less, but should be the same or better when towing or hauling and you'll have much more power. You're not going to get good mileage with a gas HD pickup no matter what motor you have.
  10. hickslawns

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    I had a 99 that sounds like the same truck you are looking at. It pulled a 16' mowing trailer fine. I thought it carried a load well. It plowed nice. We had brake issues. very undersized brakes. Maybe they upgraded since 99. It had 4.10 gears but was still a dog. I didn't realize it until I bought a 2500hd chevy with the 6.0 gas. Both the trucks have towing gears, both suck gas. I never got 10mpg once with the 5.4 even empty. Not a bad truck, not a good truck. Just another truck. We also had axle bearing problems,and coil packs seemed to go out every once and a while.

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