f350 crew cab or f350 dually

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    Im in need of a large truck. I have a midsize and it cant take the abuse or carry much more then a yard and a half.

    I like the crew cab because I can bring workers. Has a nicer flatbed and headache rack. I dont like the gas mileage and extra weight.

    I like the reg cab because its a dually. Should get better gas mileage. New exhaust. I think its the heavier duty chassis frame. Its slightly cheaper. It looks a little more beat up and is a further drive to look at.

    I realize neither will get great gas but 3-5 mpg through the year is a major difference. Neither is 4wd which is almost a deal breaker to me since I cant plow.

    A 1996 f350 crew cab flatbed. 2wd 7.5L Gas 460.

    A 1996 f350 reg cab flatbed dually. 2wd 5.8 gas.

    f35 crew.jpg

    f35 stake.jpg
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    Keep looking till you find the 4wd you want
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    I would still highly recommend 4wd even if you don't plow. Cant count how many times I've pulled onto to soft of dirt at a new construction job or while dumping especially in the spring
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    Wait for the 4WD, and go with the dually, how about a supercab if you find one, it works to fit guys when you need to. The dually gives you more payload and much better stability when you pull a heavy trailer. I tried a 91 Ford 1 ton dually 2WD for plowing and it did not work except for parking lots on pavement with light snow and a heavy ballast in the rear.

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    yeah thats what Im gone to do. I would really love to have the big truck now then later but I have to wait for the 4wd version. I want to use the 350 for dumping, towing, and plowing. Thats it!

    These old work trucks are either beat down or over priced. I havent found to many in betweens. The 1/2 and 3/4 trucks I have are in need of major repairs and I was hoping to off them and replace with a small 6 and big monster.

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