F350 diesel start issue? Thoughts??

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by greenleaflandpest, Nov 30, 2018.

  1. greenleaflandpest

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    I have an 03 f350 with the 6.0 in it. Recently when I go to start,it starts then shuts right off. Then I crank again then nothing. Turn key off crank again starts then shuts right off,crank again then it runs fine all day. Sometimes I have to do this 4,5,6 times until it finally starts. Batteries are charged and truck is plugged in so it’s not the glow plugs.
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  3. TPendagast

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    The manufacturer tells you what the problem is, its written on the front of the vehicle, they even circled it and highlighted it in blue!
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  4. kemco

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    My Dodge Cummins had a very similar issue. Was told by mechanic all my injectors needed to be replaced. Have a thread on here with me Beeching about it, the price the dealer wanted etc. Not saying that is the issue but seems to be it was mine. I used to have to plug her in whenever temps were below 40f. Which is rediculous because even though the Cummins doesn't have gp it has an intake preheater. Well since having all injectors replaced I've gone out there at 25f without it being on the block heater plug and it has started right up without even a hiccup. Just a thought. They had to check my common rail pressure then pressures at each injector. Common rail was fine but all my injectors were lacking some more than others. My 2 cents
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    The 6.0 is known for chewing up injectors. It could also be a FICM problem. A scan tool will tell you if a injector is the problem. If your 03 has not had the injectors replaced yet it is probably time.
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  6. TPendagast

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    Lol I read that as SCAM tool at first

    I was like ain’t THAT The truth

    Let me charge you $100 to still not know what’s wrong with your vehicle and take random guesses because I have an etch a sketch that still doesn’t tell me anything
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    without having a scanner hooked to it you dont know what your losing. scan tool will tell you if you are losing cam signal or what the oil pressure is etc. i do not think you are having an injector issue. also if it was a ficm issue it would run like crap until it got warmed up and then run fine. ficm issues dont normally causing a starting issue like you are describing. again if you had a scanner it would tell you what your ficm voltage is. it needs to be in the 47 to 48 volt range. if you need or want more help pm me and you can call me monday...
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  8. unkownfl

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    Sounds like oil rail issues.
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  9. gregory

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    could be an oil pressure issue could be slow to build. has to have 500psi to start. if it was an oil pressure issue then starting when hot would also be an issue..seen stuck IPR cause a no start but he has a slow start..
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    My 03 did that, ficm one time, fuel pickup in the tank the 2nd time.the bottom bell on the fuel pickup is plastic, and will get old and Crack off. Leaving you with a non running 6.0 when the tank is 1/4 or below.
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