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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by White Oak, Jul 24, 2012.

  1. White Oak

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    i have been looking to put a dump bed on my 2002 f350 and i finally found a used one near me. the only problem is that my truck is 2x4, gas, and single rear wheel. will it be worth changing the whole bed? also i do not want a dump insert!
  2. JCA1

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    What is the GVWR on your registration?
  3. BrandonV

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    unless you're getting an aluminum one you're wasting your time, putting a heavy steel bed on that 350 is pretty much going to load it down to the point where you can't haul anymore... I would know we put a heavy steel service body on our dual wheel 350 (pipe rack, boxes, etc) it's squat now, to the point we'll be getting some more springs to even the ride out, now imagine putting that bed on and then a load. not worth it my friend.
  4. 4 seasons lawn&land

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    Anything smaller than a 550 is about function, not being legal. That would weigh the same or less than my 3/4 ton with the dump insert and I have hauled the crap out of that truck. Id rather have a 1 ton dump but if you are on really tight jobs all the time SRW is nice!
  5. White Oak

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    the bed is aluminum
  6. lawnpropm

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    I have a v 10 2000 f 350 with a steel bed and 3' sides, its not the fastest truck in the world but it works. Pulled a t 190 with it a few times it didn't like hills much but we got from A to B.
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  7. GreenI.A.

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    What will you be using the dump for? clippings? Mulch? Small stone? Large Stone?

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