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  1. turfguy

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    found a 98 f350 diesel extracab with a short bed about 55k miles 4x4 . the owner wants to sell for 18k. just to buy out the lease...is this a average price ? very clean real sweet . ok chevy owners let me have it!!!!! I am about ready to buy. any thoughts would be helpful......
  2. John DiMartino

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    If the truck is clean,you'd better jump on it,now.It will be gone at that price very quickly.If its got the options you want,go for it.The mileage sounds way to low,though,most guys who buy a/lease a PSD put more than 18K on them in 3 yrs.I am also assuming it is a 99,new body style,not a 98,like you posted,since ford didnt have a 98 as far as I know.

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    That seems like a pretty reasonable price. I've been in the market as well for a 1 ton truck and from what I've seen out here for used trucks, It looks like I'm going to buy new (0% financing!).
    The price of 18K looks GOOD! Most of the F350's I've looked at with a diesel, 4x4, 8' bed were in the 20k price range for a 98'and it was WELL USED! My only suggestion to you would be to do a
    http://www.CARFAX.com just to make sure you are getting what you are paying for (cost $20.00 but I'd rather spend that $20.00 than loose $18,000.00)!

    Good Luck!

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