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    Hey guys I recently purchased and f350 with a 460 gaser. And the guy we bought it off of said it needs a new exhaust to pass emission. And I was talking to my mechanic today and he said that the truck wont need to have the emission test because he thinks that the truck is exempt from emissions. He wasnt 100% sure. So do you guys know if the truck is exempt from emission? I am located in Pittsburgh PA also.

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    I think every vehicle has emissions, but i think the newer the car the stricter the emissions. I think the "standard"goes up
  3. mmacsek

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    I have a 1989 Superduty(14500 GVW) and a 460. It doesn't need the emission sticker but I believe the emission "stuff" needs to be intact,i.e. catalytic converter. I'm on the other end of the state. Matt
  4. climber

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    O that kinda what I thought. Im guessing thats a class 4. Because the truck doesnt have the sticker on it. I was looking on the dmv site and drivecleanpa and stuff and didnt find anything about exemptions except motorcycles, classics, and antiques. But if you could maybe find something that said about no sticker and stuff like that, that would be awesome greatly appreciated.

    Thanks Dan
  5. climber

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    I have now found a new problem the exhaust does not need to be replaced. But the manifold is barely on the header. Because where the bolts screw into the header it is pretty much all rusted away on the header. I do not know if you can tap deeper holes or if you have to get new headers. Does anyone know how much it would cost to get new headers put one?

    Thanks Dan

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