f450/6.0 powerstroke

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by tinkerlawn, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. tinkerlawn

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    Im looking for more thoughts/opinions on you guys that run these motors. We currently have an older model NPR gasser that has run its course and needs to be replaced. I've never run a diesel but I have a chance to pick up an 05' f450 with 120k from a local construction company. I've searched through threads on here and a couple of the diesel power forums, but am still up in the air on my decision . I am finding people saying these motors can be made bullet proof with a little bit of work done to them, while other veteran powerstroke owners say they would never own one. The construction company has kept fairly good records and it seems to me like many of the "problem" items with these engines have been replaced on this rig:
    Egr cooler- 2012
    EEC- 2011

    Any help or experience with these motors would be greatly appreciated thanks guys!
  2. slowleak1

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    Whats the price?
  3. tinkerlawn

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    $6000 for a single cab with a 16ft flatbed on it. They have 3 of them to get rid of
  4. slowleak1

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    Offer $4500 and see what they say. Even at 6 it isnt too bad of a deal if they run well

    CLARK LAWN LawnSite Silver Member
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    Turbos generally fail due to dirty oil, check the oil intervals. If the EGR cooler failed it sent coolant through the engine and out the exhaust. Make sure they had the DPF cleaned if not you may want to drop it and inspect for damage from the coolant.
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  6. Bates Lawn Care

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    they didn't put DPFs in till the 6.4s. My 06 6.0 Powerstroke doesn't have one. And it's got 181k on it and its stock never had a problem.
  7. jrs.landscaping

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    FICM's are another problem, make sure you bring it to a mechanic, or test the voltage yourself with a voltmeter. Low voltage will cause the FICM/low oil sensor and a few other computers :confused: to fail over time. 6k is a steal IMHO. I also agree with Clarklawn about dirty oil, it can cause the injectors to fail as well as the turbo.
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  8. Landrus2

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    At that price you can't go wrong:hammerhead:
  9. clydebusa

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    Man that is a good price!
  10. Monroe74

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    Good buy. Most important thing is oil changes often and coolant flushes i change my fuel filters every other oil change.

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