F450 or NQR

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    Looking for some advice on trucks. I plan on purchasing a new for me, used truck soon to mount a sealcoating tank on. I have looked at a 2004 f450 v10 with 100,000 before, and I do like the truck. Now today I looked a 2006 Isuzu NPR HD WITH THE 5.2 LITER DIESEL. 158,000 miles. Both vehicles are around ten grand....I love the cab over.
    I would be leaning towards the isuzu, however the fact that parts for the ford are much more easly accessible sways me in that direction.
    Lookng for any input from personal experinces.

  2. Landrus2

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    I like the ford my self if it was diesel. v10 gas what is the mileage on that
    On the diesel I get around 8.5 miles per gallon loaded and towing
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    That F450 will get terrible mileage for you. Mine was a dump, and empty it got 9MPG, 10 if you really were lucky. The ISUZU will have decent power and probably get better mileage loaded than the ford.

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