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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by TerraVenture, Jan 30, 2004.

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    Does anyone on this site run an F650 in their lanscape business? If so what type and manufacturer of the body do you have. what length. I am just trying to get a consensus on how you use your f650. Is it just to haul heavy loads such as gravel and loam or do you use for everyday use. I really would like something that I can put a load on but is still good for everyday use. I find myself probably hauling a fully loaded 10K enclosed trailer everyday weather I am cutting grass or doing installs. I perform all aspects of landscaping and property maintenance. Any input would be appreciated.
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    We have a 2002 International DT440 dump truck. It's a 26,000 GVW truck as is the F650. We use it for all hardscape work, retaining walls, pavers, etc.. We also haul nursery stock with it, mulch, soils, stone, pretty much whatever. It has a 12 foot contractor box with fold down sides. We can drop the sides and put pallets of sod or fertilizer in. Very versatile box. We can haul up to seven yards of material, depending on weight of course. We have also used it to tow the enclosed with mowers in as well. A little overkill and we don't do it too much. We chose this size truck over a one-ton dump or 450 or 550 due to what it can haul in relation to the cost of the vehicle. I love Fords and eventually will get a 450 or 550, but at the moment I could only afford one truck and the International was a much better buy than the smaller chassis trucks. We have two crewcab F250's for towing our mowing trailer or other trailers when needed.

    The bigger trucks are worlds apart from the 450 or 550 trucks. Just look at the overall construction of them, component sizes, etc.. They are in a different class all together. Of course it shows in the daily fuel mileage of 4 to 5 miles per gallon.

    If you are doing install work, and mowing, and haul a heavily loaded enclosed trailer, that truck would be very nice to have. It will go down the road straight and go where you want it to go. Hauling bigger loads and trailers with the smaller chassis trucks will get moved around a little when going down the road. Braking is always an issue to.

    I don't know if you're looking at new or used trucks, but the Fords are pretty pricey in relation to the International we purchased. Same trucks, same years, same options, the Ford is considerably more expensive and I don't feel you get any better of a truck. I wish I had a photo of ours to show you. It's a sweet truck and you could see the style of box we have. I'd go out and get a digital shot of it, but it's fricken' freezin' at 5 degrees outside, so I'm not too interested in going outside, sorry.
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    I haven't looked severely at the f650 yet but am leaning toward it. I have seen advertisements around here for a basic f650 cat power for 38k with dump body. What did you pay for your truck. I was thinking the same as you, one truck that can do a wider range of jobs. I currently only have a 96 PSD rack dump. I haven't compleely figured out what the best body would be. I was leaning towards a custom rack dump of my own design with some doors on the side 12 or 14 feet long. What make is your body? What axle ratio are you running? What engine?

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