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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by DoubleB, Feb 24, 2007.

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    As I've been reading through some threads, I have noticed people using fabric with there paver patio installs. In all the patios I have installed I have not once installed fabric in any of them. When do you install it and why? My patios all have seemed to stand the test of time without fabric. Just curious. Thanks guys.
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    The fabric you are referring to is loosely called "separation fabric." It is installed over the sub-grade soil and under the compacted base and flashed up the sides of the excavated site as well. The purpose of this fabric is to separate the base material from the dirt (sub-grade soils). Why keep the soils separated? It prevents migration of the base material into the sub-grade soil. If the base material is allowed to migrate down (or laterally), the integrity of the base is undermined and could conceivably fail after some time. Obviously, any flaws in the surface of the compacted base will ultimately be reflected in the surface of the pavement. Use of separation fabric is particularly important with heavy clay soils. They are most prone to allow migration of base aggregate.

    So, the fabric actually has a pretty important role in the pavement structure. Sometime it is more necessary than other times, but why chance it? Just put it in there and be done with it. Hope this helps.:usflag:
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    In addition to what westermdlawn said it actually disperses the vertical pressure from above on the pavers to the base giving it more strength. the fabric because of all the weight on it is held taught and can not easily stretch so it reinforces the flexible base from settlement. a quick search on geo textile, or http://www.mirafi.com/ should help.
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    Geo-textile (NOT to be confused with GEO-Grid) fabris is a must.

    Within the last 7 days, i have recently written about this.

    Feel free to do a search on my user name.

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