Fabricating my own trailer cage

Discussion in 'Original Pictures Forum' started by J & D Greens, Apr 16, 2009.

  1. J & D Greens

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    Ya isn't that the kicker. When I went to get this trailer it was the 2-1/2 ft.
    sides and the fenders He had put on by cutting a wheel-barrow in half and
    putting them over the tires. My buddy took one look at them and said that
    they are not legal in Colorado, Maybe Nebraska but not here :nono: But I can't
    complain $200.00 and it is rock solid for a small equipment trailer.
  2. 4.3mudder

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    Looks good, notice you have the same tripper trap rack as me. I hate those black pads the handles wrap into, they just don't seem to hold up. I finally got around to using electrical tape instead. lol
  3. Looking Good Lawn Service

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    great ingenuity! You did a great job welding that cage together, when you are ready to get a bigger or better trailer you can build almost any option you want on it with your welding skill! Good luck with your new lil trailer
  4. J & D Greens

    J & D Greens LawnSite Senior Member
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    I went to my trusty Ace Hardware store and bought a half yard of pliable rubber about 1/8 inch thick.
    and cut to fit replaced the hard plastic with it.
    On the edger I needed it to be thicker anyway so I just added it to the existing one.
    I like the rack a lot. David
  5. J & D Greens

    J & D Greens LawnSite Senior Member
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    I was going to be eligible in a year, but with the economy the way it is
    the company I work for is pushing to modify the Golden Eighty I have been
    working 30 yrs. to get. so I'm not sure when would be the best time to
    make move my move. My son starts high school next year and my daughter
    college, we have discussed waiting four years until he is going to college
    himself. With my sons' diabetes I don't want to spread myself to far away from our area.
    I think in that amount of time.
    I will have learned a lot on the business end of things.
    I will feel a lot better when I know how to manage the $$$$$ that flow through this small venture.
  6. J & D Greens

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    I finally got the chance to work on it more. (too many relatives visiting) so here it is, I still need to put my locking system on it and the back-pack blower plate with locking bar over the spare tire, also want to have something right between the trimmer heads and the cage for trimmer line. I know it's small but for me very practical. What do you guys think? David

    trailer cage 016.jpg

    trailer cage 017.jpg

    trailer cage 018.jpg

    trailer cage 019.jpg

    trailer cage 020.jpg
  7. IMAGE

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    from midwest
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    looks good. Rock Solid!
  8. flatlander42

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    I have one thing to point out...
    Did you bevel where you welded? Because if you didn't, you may have ground off most of your strength. When you butt the angle like some of it is there is not much room for the weld to contact both pieces. I'm sure it will be fine, but usually that's why welds are left alone.
    Good work otherwise! Looks great, and like it will function great for you!
  9. J & D Greens

    J & D Greens LawnSite Senior Member
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    In some but very few places it was very hard to see the edge that I wanted to weld together. Those places I let cool a little while I took care of other welds, came back over them but didn't want to leave it to unsightly so I cleaned those up a little. I learned welding on ark-welders, I like the convenience of this mig-welder but it is some times very hard to see around the tip. I'll really have the hang of it once I'm done, but I won't need to weld anything for a very long time. I didn't take any chances on whether I got good penetration so for it's intended purpose it should do. Thanks David
  10. mowerdude777

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    looks great

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