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Lincoln, Il
Just wondering if anyone seen a rear discharge rough cut ZTR rider.
I am considering fabrication a beck to fit a old unused ZTR I have siting around here, the deck on this thing sucks but everything else works fine. This old Ztr has a nice running 14hp (to small) but I do have a spair 20hp right now. Thinking of a beck with a open front, read discharge, 48" or 50".

In my years of abandon property I have had good luck. But if I had a rear discharge I would not be re-mowing the clipping as much and never blow a huge pile along a gated yard as I am forced to at times now. I am sure I would loose some of the ZTR effect by having deeper sides that completely close off the sides.
Any thoughts. (constructive ones).


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Wouldn't it be cheaper to find an old used Walker and leave the hopper open to let the grass shoot out the back?
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There are several companies making rear discharge decks for rougher cutting right now. You just need to do a search on YouTube. Maybe you can get some ideas from them.

However, if you have an open front design like you want, you're gonna get more discharge coming back out the front than you will out the rear. I think you'll have better luck if you make the front skirt a little higher than the sides, but no where near as high as the rear. You are gonna have to keep an eye on the hydro's overheating too, since all the clippings will be coming out the rear straight in their direction, and you know they're gonna get covered in no time.