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I noticed that the first few days I was doing face to face sales calls (2 weeks ago), I was a little nervous. Not sure why, but I was. I figured out I was talking fast and trying to explain all of the products I offer. I was trying to stand next to the customer and show them my service agreement as I explained the services. They would call me out for a mowing estimate and I'd be explaining my grub control, fert, bed weed control, etc. My close ratio was horrible.

Well, I've since figured out that I just need to slow down. Sell them on the product they inquired about. After I think they're sold, then move on to the other products. But the real "secret" that I've recently learned is to lean against something. It just makes me look more relaxed. Since I started leaning against the house or the porch or whatever, I've been closing everything. And at my prices. No bickering over price. No bickering over terms. Just slow down and fake the relaxed look by leaning against something.

Think about it. A guy standing straight up in front of a customer talking fast holding a clip board in the prospects face or a guy standing a few feet away from the customer leaning against something with the clipboard held down to the side talking slow and giving the customer a chance to talk too. Which is better?

And since I started this leaning thing, absolutely no one has even bothered to read my 8.5 X 17 legal sized contract with 6 point font. Two weeks ago, everyone who signed up was reading the T&C's. Since I've started projected a much more relaxed attitude, they just seem to trust me more.

Anyone else have any kind of succesful sales "secrets" to share?

DFW Area Landscaper

Tim Canavan

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I agree with the relaxed thing, but that's just how I am. I could talk to anybody. My secret, just show up. You don't know how many guys don't call back or don't show up. If you call back promptly and show up when you say you will, most likely you're in.


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Yep, show up and bs with them. It's difficult to explain for me, but everything just comes naturally. Not like the feeling you get on a first date. I always prefer to met with people in person to close the deal, I have a very high close ratio that way. If I leave an estimate, I always give a range and tell them to call to discuss. That way I can at least talk to them one last time. And the secret to closing is......experience and personal technique. I've found and perfected mine. I hope others are doing as well. Just not as well in my area of town.


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Laugh at their jokes.Even if they're the corniest you've ever heard.
Be truthful and play up what you know and if they ask something you don't know,tell them you'll find out.
Always keep appointments and be prompt and have a smile from ear to ear.
Stay up to date with politics and current events.Also,interest rates and the stock market.
Heck,some of my customers are doctors and rocket scientists,but when I meet them,we end having a good laugh over something.Nothing like laughter to break the ice.