Facebook to advertise?

Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by lawnsaspire, Sep 6, 2009.

  1. BeSeenGraphics

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    I can do this. It will be a very small sample.

    Send a self addressed stamped envelope to:

    Be Seen Graphics
    104 Flat Rock Road
    Morrisonville, NY 12962
  2. AbbottCon.

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    i think he was talking about the pay per click ads they offer. hes the thing in theory itself its an ok idea. like google which i think is the best way to advistise i targeted market. but heres the thing yes it is cheaper than google but the problem is because its facebook they are directing the clicks to your companys facebook page and not your website so to get a potential customer to your website it requires and additional step which doesnt sound that hard but 75% of websurfers will drop interest and give up after two clicks. the other major downfall of facebook is the age demographic. im 25 everyone of my friends go on alteast once a day. but thats not my target market so you have to keep that in mind. if anything setting up a page is another inbound link to your website which is a major factor in how search engines rate your page.
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    I think facebook would be good advertising just as much as it would be bad. I think it would be a waste of time, I also think it would be proclaiming to the world that "I'm the one man show trying to look like a professional business"

    Sorry if that's blunt, just trying to be honest.

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