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  1. tadpole

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    Then Facebook is putting out erroneous information.
  2. Houston Wyatt

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    Im sorry, I know its little old, but ya'll are ok with your clients being able to interact with each other that much?
    Im starting in 2011 and I dont know, maybe its just me or havent thought it through but im not too sure I would want my clients talking to each other that much.
    Im jw.
  3. tadpole

    tadpole LawnSite Bronze Member
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    And why not?

    If you are above board and honest with all of your customers and treat them equally by giving them the best that you can, all they can do is talk about how good you are! AND all of the other visitors to your Facebook page can read about it.
  4. Houston Wyatt

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    And I can see that. I was jw. Ty. I would just be worried about that one hard headed client that is never satisfied getting on there and causing little trouble for your business.
  5. betterlawnsandlandscaping

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    I had several jobs out of it this year. It helps get your name out more, plus its kinda a reminder to those on your friend list. It will get you referrals
  6. tadpole

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    The average level-headed person would be able to recognize such an individual for what they are and quickly dismiss anything they had to say, PLUS it makes it easier to identify exactly who is doing the grumbling and take steps to placate them. Also, it's amazing how good satisfied customers will be quick to defend you in an instance such as you described.
  7. turner_landscaping

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    There is always a chance that there would be that one person that is never satisfied we all have had them. However the pros out way the cons. We just added a pic porfolio to our facebook page for the jobs we have done the last few years and no sooner than we posted it and i mean within 5 minutes, we had customers chime in reconizing their ponds and going on and on about how they love it and recommending us to everybody! Like I said there is always that one person, but ill take that person and raise you a hundred others that promote you constantly anyday. If you believe in your abilities as a contractor then why worry, your work speaks for yourself!
  8. tadpole

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    Amen, brother!!!
  9. GreenI.A.

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    We have our facebook page nad web site. I find face book is easier to keep in toouch with customers for marketting and to post pictures over the site. Facebook has been very successful with my younger professional (late 20's - late 30's yo) clients buying there first homes.

    This fall I had a customer attempt to tear me apart on facebook. He called me unproffesional for turning down the job and my prices were out ragiously high (even though he was willing to pay it) My friend happened to see it and before I got on to delete his coment, I alsready had 7 of my customers jumping to my defence. Made me feel pretty good, I leave it up now. If new customers go on they'll see some one complain, but they also customers explaining why they were willing to pay more for my system over another companies
  10. STL Ponds and Waterfalls

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