Failing CMU wall and existing pavement

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by 600rrpilot, Nov 1, 2007.

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    Hey guys. I dont know if my brain isnt working correctly because i'm yet to have my first cup of coffee....or i just simply do not know the answer. Here goes...

    I have a customer that has a CMU wall that is on the edge of catostrophic failure right down the middle. It must be replaced. Im selling him on the advantages of SRW walls. Now, Before giving my estimate I need to figure one thing out. Is it possible to pull down the old wall while leaving the existing pavement it is retaining? The answer that I have in my head is no....But if anyone has doen this and knows a way chime in. my thinking is that during excavation the base for the ashpalt is going to get seriously undermined. The wall is currently around 4 feet high. The other thing is...obviously this wall needs grid. I think the ashpalt needs to be cut back to the appropriate depth, back filled, and re paved. right?

    Going to speak with the owner this afternoon.
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    You answered this one for yourself as far as I can tell from reading. I would definitely spec geogrid and good drainage into the new wall (especially do to the live load). If it's anything like the CMU walls on the hills in our area, it's not a tremendous job, but the demo can be annoying.
  3. 600rrpilot

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    yea i figured I pretty much already had my answer just figured i'd look to you guys for assurance. Demo seems like its just going to be a pain considering location. I dont believe the asphalt in question is his property. So this raises another concern.

    I'll post a pic in a minute and see if you guys can come up with another solution. He is open to options. Repair or removal and replacement. I personally dont think repair is a feasible option. but color me wrong if you will.


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    how much room is there between the fence and the building? It looks like it is right on top of the wall.
  5. 600rrpilot

    600rrpilot LawnSite Member
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    there is around 8-10 feet
  6. Grn Mtn

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    something tells me you would become responsible for the structure in the background if when demoing it starts to fail. also your probably correct that the asphalt your customers wall is retaining belongs to the white building.

    permits and engineers are probably required for this type of job, srw's could definately be used but since you probably can't use geogrid you'll have to go for the "mega" srw's. the ones that weigh like 1000lbs or more each and can go up to 10' without needing grid.
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    Look into techo bloc's monumental wall. It has an attatchment to lift it up with a skidsteer and a chain and you drop them one on top of another. It goes quickly, no geogrid, and they are not that expensive. Definately call in an engineer on that though.

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