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Fair display


LawnSite Member
Berks County,Pa.
Recently was asked by hardscape/pond supplier to put in 20' x 20' display at local fair.They have a large area & asked 4 landscapers to do a display.All materials they carry can be used & returned.Only cost was mulch & screenings.Plant material was loaned & returned by local nursery.Total of about 15/20 hours set up over 3 days.Sat for 3 days of fair in the shade of my umbrella in hot/humid weather. Tear down of about 6 hours next day.Filled pond on wed-put 6 fish in thur (from home pond) & they were happy as could be.Pump only ran during fair 10-10.Returned my "roadies" to my pond so they could tell all of their little vacation.Fish were a hit(esp w/kids) but so was my papyrus in the terra cotta flue.Wish I had $1 for all who called it bamboo-but 3 did get it right. Hoping for a good response but time will tell..............




LawnSite Fanatic
zone 7 CA
Looks really great!Nice work .Aren't fairs fun?I used to show my gamebirds at L.A. County Fair every year and make a display for them to run around in.Took 1st prize a few times too.It's fun and you get to meet so many different people at the booth.