Fair Price: 2003 Hustler Fastrak Z 20hp/52"

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by wkasak, Oct 11, 2007.

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    I need a little help guys. Last year I upgraded to a Super Z from my Fastrak Z. Of course the fastrak doesn't get any use anymore by me since I bought the Super Z. My sister just built a new house and has about 2 acres of grass to cut now and needs a larger faster mower and wants to buy my fastrak from me. My question is what is a current fair price for a 2003 Hustler Fastrak Z, 20hp Honda, 52" Deck, ~100 residential hours, spring seat, armrests, hour meter, very well maintained. I am the original owner and bought the mower new in 2003 for about $4500. Obviously I don't need to get premium $$$ from my sister, but I do want both of us to feel good about the transfer...What do you think? I wish there was some Kelly Blue Book value for used mowers or maybe there is that I am not aware of? Thanks in Advance...
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    2,900 to 3,200

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