Fair Price for Running a Rented Loader?

Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by mojob, Jan 6, 2007.

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    I already have the cost of 'moving and/or stacking snow' via 'heavy equipment' in my signed contracts. That way there is no issue. I have a flat fee of $400 for the first two hours (minimum two hours charged) and 100 per hour thereafter.
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    I would image that you should brake down the cost fo the rental into the number fo hours used onthe job, inflate it at least 25% for your time to pickup and return it, then add your hourly rate and delivery fee on it. Since I have no idea what they rent for, I cannot give you this definition in $$$, however, some of the the suggestions I have seen replied woudl fall in the range of my percieved rental costs.
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    Since I was renting this loader, I don't have any maintenance expenses to figure into my price. So I figure my price would be a little less than if I owned the loader, no? I ended up charging $80/hr for about 20 hours. The loader cost me $500 plus fuel so I made money on the deal. Maybe not as much as some of you, but I'm happy and they're happy and I made it through my first blizzard and looks like I'll be around for the next one. Thanks again for all the input.
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    you can't ask for more than the customer and you both being satisfied.

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