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Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by wonderdog, Oct 31, 2009.

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    Not sure if homeowners are allowed to post here, if not, I understand. I'm having a 30 foot "lazy S" pattern walkway across my lawn, sidewalk to house. The contractor is proposing $1,440/$12/sq. ft. for Unilock "Olde Greenwich" pavers, $1550/$12.92 for "Holland", $1,800/$15 for flagstone (the price represents all work/materials). He'll be digging 8" down, 4" of aggregate, sand, then the pavers. Also pulling out a 4x5 slab of 4" concrete. Don't know whether side reinforcement will run the entire length. Seems like a fair price, what do you think? Also, are there certain techniques/materials (e.g. sand type, reinforcement placement, etc.) that I should look for to ensure a good job? Thanks to everyone for your consideration!
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    Different regions have different pricing, I'm in ny so I can't comment on that but 4" of run-a-crush, then 1-1.5" of concrete sand, Does the price include using polymeric sand - I do not install without it, What type of warranty do they provide 3-5 year is common. Look at work he's done, preferably 2-3 years old so you can tell how there walks make it through the winter. Also you can go on ICPI.org and it will give you step by step how to build it make sure he is doing it correctly. If you have any other questions feel free to ask

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    The price seems fine. I don't use unilock so not familiar with those products. I do a bit more prep than that personally, but then again I live in Maine. We dig out 12" for walks and patios. Geotex, 9" 3/4" minus crushed stone. 1" of sand or othe shim then pavers. Also, good point made about the poly sand. its a must.
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    I don't really see a red flag with that price, I might be higher than that depends on access, how long did he say it was going to take him

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