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fair prices or not???

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I just started this past spring mowing just a couple of yards since i want have my liscense til late this fall. I plan on trying to get more customers and was kinda leaning torwards doing contracts with them. Just to through in this question What do u think about doing contracts just starting out? Good or bad?

Ok i think i'm gonna do contracts so i wanted input on some prices i kinda drew up. these are basically a 1 to 2 acre yard.

Basic mow trim edge every 7 days at about 30 to 40 cuts a year for an estimated price of $1225 a year which on a 12 month contract would be about 102 bucks a month.

For a bi-weekly mow schedule it would be about 20 to 25 cuts a year for an estimated price of $625 a year which would be about 52 bucks a month.

these are jsut a couple of estimated prices. I imagine they are a little low but i'm looking for as many customers as i can handle.

Thanks everyone,
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I'm sure you'll get plenty of advice on this one so I'll speak to what jumped out at me the most. Don't allow customers to choose bi-weekly cuts at the same price per cut as the weekly, cause it is more wear on your equipment. You'll have to mow much slower or double cut, either way it will take more time and be less profitable if the rate stays the same.
Do NOT give the choice of bi-weekley cut Remsen1 hit the nail on the head. If u do however choose to do bi weekley do double the price of a regular weekley customer then you can get paid for the extra time.
I have a Skag 61 inch STT. The trouble that i am having is that when mulching grass it leaves a trail along the right side of the deck. Would this be due to blades having a problem or the mulch plate? I mow the grass at about 3 1/2 "
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