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Discussion in 'Business Operations' started by meets1, Dec 30, 2010.

  1. meets1

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    I have a guy who has been part time for 5 yrs. Now getting married and out of college this spring. We talked a little about full time but I don't want ot push the issue yet.

    What is a fair amount to pay this person? He can do most everything I ask. He doens't have spray lic. yet so that is the only thing he doens't do.

    Currently getting paid $11.50 / hour. Reason I think salary is due to winter months. If we work snow for 3 days straight, 4th day is maintain machines, then I take a few off. But to keep him straight thru all winter I need to entice him with something.

    Also what do you guys do for health and simple retirement?
  2. turbo5560

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    college education and $11.50? better give him a raise tomorrow before he's outta there! I'd say a min. of $25,000 a year, or do hourly and let me take unemployment. Thats what they do around here.
  3. yard_smart

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    Same as a teacher ... Decide on $xxxxx that is his salary from march to november. He can divided between then or take it over 12 months just like a teacher. Then you rehire him hourly for snow (just like a teacher would paint fences in the summer for hourly rate) that's how we do it for managers and crew leaders. Labor is straight seasonal - March 15 thru Nov 15
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  4. fl-landscapes

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    11.50 an hour full time is $23920 yr so 25k isnt much of a raise. But if this guy is a good worker with a college degree he is crazy to work for $11.50 an hour. And why did he even bother finishing college if he was just going to work for his college summertime job fulltime after graduation:hammerhead:???
  5. stevenf

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    He would be looking at atleast $15.00 an hour(in my area) if he was a good worker you can trust. Use that spray license as a pay increase tactic. It will help you both in the long run.
  6. turbo5560

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    my thinking for the $25,000 a year was because he might only work 250 hours all winter, so he probably wouldn't be working the full 2000 hours like you figured above. That way he can draw unemployment or get a few hours doing something else in the winter
  7. meets1

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    My area that is decent. I know guys that work hourly for 12-15/ hour and been there for 20-30yrs. They bank on OT.

    I have a salary bro-in-law. He is tech support in a large facility that makes aftermarket ag stuff - $30K a year. Been there for about 6 yrs now. I pay myself the min. required cuz we are INC Business. These guys make more than I do.

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