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    Looking for experienced help to join a growing Landscape maintenance company in Danbury Area. Should have experience with commercial mowing and equipment, Skid steer loaders, shrub trimming/pruning edging, mulching Spring/fall cleanup. Must have Valid CT Drivers License & be comfortable driving small dump trucks.

    Additional skills a plus: Mini-excavator, Applicators license, Snow plowing experience.

    Pay based on skill/experience. Mainly looking for an all purpose person who can perform any job related to the landscape maintenance field. We do commercial/residential work from small 1/4 acre houses to 8-10 acre condominiums and everything in between. Generally work 50-60 hours a week April- July, 40 hours July-September, 50 hours September-December. Winter hours based on snow/shop experience/willingness to work.

    Please Email me if interested. Position available immediately.
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    I called the unemployment office in our area to see if they could send me any qualified people. So far no luck but you may want to try them.
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    hello give me a call my cell is 203-360-2276 if you are still looking for people
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