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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by Huskerduck, Sep 19, 2013.

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    If you couldn't lay out a sprinkler system using a plumbing diagram and pressure loss charts and tables, then there would be no charts at all. You might have to get into advanced calculus or other esoteric mathematics.

    But we do use charts and tables, and we get results we can work with.

    If you have concerns about surges and water hammer, those are approached without looking at pressure losses. Instead, you are making separate calculations involving water velocity and pipe length and valve closing time. You are looking at reducing pipe sizes in a zone lateral, as you proceed from head to head.
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    Why don't you utilize the VFD?
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    Not; too many fittings and labor. I quit that game years ago. :hammerhead:
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    On res work I fully agree, and the swing pipe helps in this. If it's old-school big-water golf course work, there would be a justifiable concern about the end heads blowing off when the air finishes rushing out.
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    Strictly based on cost of materials per square footage covered, I don't think you can beat plain old residential components.
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    I hope that you take this the right way, I do not mean to belittle or act like I know more than I do.

    Honestly if your asking these questions can you guarantee the customer a great system? Do you know for a fact that each zone will function or will there be finger crossing durning the first run?

    The only reason I got into big installs was because I have a tech working for me that has installed some of the biggest commercial systems in the state. He gained his experience through working with people that knew what they were doing. On big jobs I shut up, write checks, and make sure he has everything he needs.

    I know going into each job everything WILL work, and that it's going to be a great system. If you don't have that confidence hopefully you bid the system well enough to hire someone who has been there.
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    a little prayin' never hurt anything

    ...i dont think :)

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