Fairy Ring and aggressive spot dethatching etc.

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by Exact Rototilling, Apr 5, 2011.

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    Ok... moved here in October of last year and lawn is spotted with fairy ring. Thatch is about 1/2" +

    Based on the what Purdue states in this publication


    re: decomposing thatch layer providing a habitat for the fairy ring to prosper I was considering doing an aggressive flail blade spot dethatch to completely get rid of any thatch layer in those spots?

    Waste of time? Just mask spot with fert? Live with it?
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    Isn't Purdue a great source of on-line information?
    My brother went there on a full football scholarship.

    Fairy Rings: you can dig them out and dispose of the infected soil 4 to six inches deep or even deeper if the mycellium goes deeper. Then lay down new soil and new turf.

    I believe you have to do some-thing like this to promote the microbes moving back into the zone. The rings usually grow in lesser quality soils...you know a shovel full could have been thrown in that area and the rest of the soil can be fine.

    My turfgrass managers manual says in part:
    Disease management: Assess the situation and determine options. Management can range from doing nothing in a low-maintenance lawn, to removal of turf at a sod farm. There are no foolproof ways to prevent fairy ring, but it should help to discourage thatch accumulation and to irrigate so the soil is thoroughly moistened each time.

    Also, don't aerate or drag/spread any-thing across the area. The infection will spread.
    Nitrogen fertilizers will make it worse. They can also add to thatch growth if you over fertilize.

    I believe You would have gotten this from Purdue, so I ramble for others benefit.
    I totally recommend you guys also search for problem analysis on the Purdue website.
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    I am thinking the Purdue people think that masking the dark green rings with fert is the way to go. But you might consider a heavy aeration followed by a fungicide like Flutolinil (Prostar). I am thinking it is deeper than just the thatch layer.
    A wetting agent treatment could possibly solve any hydrophobic soil problems.

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