Fairy rings

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by Let it Grow, Jul 14, 2003.

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    Anyone dealt with these before?
    What is the best way to fight them?
    Some have said that fungicides won't work on them.
  2. SWD

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    Fairy Ring is in fact, a localized dry spot caused by a certain type of fungus.
    The USGA and the GCSAA have done a great deal of research on this and have come up with, basically, three ways to manage Fairy Ring.
    1. Apply iron foliarly to mask the symptoms
    2. Aerify heavily, remove the cores, add new material, and treat with Chlorothalinal (Daconil) on a repetitive basis until symptoms are gone.
    3. Aerify, spray a wetting agent or some form of non ionic surfactant at high label rates until symptoms are gone.

    Yes, I have dealt with this a great deal on golf courses I have maintained. I have seen it on new putting greens construction & on courses almost one hundred years old. Initially, FR was thought to be caused by tree stumps decaying in the soil below the turf yet this is not always the case.

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