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Fake Bad Google Review (2020)


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I'm in the process of setting up my Google My Business page. In researching local market, I see that my area has a lot of the LCOs, with GMB pages, being attacked with fake negative reviews. They are pretty easy to identify because you can see that it's the same group of 6-7 users leaving the negative reviews. They have hit ALL of the local LCOs with one star reviews. I see that some LCOs have responded and presumably challenged, but the one star reviews are still there, even from Spring 2020.

I see there is an older thread here: Bad Google Review

Is there any good info on preventing, or successfully challenging fake bad google reviews in 2020?
It's entirely up to google whether they remove the review or not. In most cases they don't. So the best thing you can do is respond to it in a professional and polite way while acknowledging you are not sure who that person is.

I've been meaning to get to writing a blog post on how to react to fake negative reviews. All I've written for now is this:

However, all you can do is flag them as spam or one of the other options Google gives you within your GMB. There really isn't a way of "preventing" them.

Leaving fake negative reviews is technically illegal so I'm a little shocked the same group of people are able to do this. Seems like you could figure out who is leaving them by which LCO doesn't have those negative reviews.

I would challenge fake negative reviews the same way you would a real one, with the addition of flagging it as spam or irrelevant.

The silver lining is that people aren't as stupid as we all like to believe. If you can figure out these are fake reviews, so can your customers.
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Google will almost never remove a reveiw, fake or not. We had someone leave one for us, she meant to leave it to a company, different spelling, in a different state. We never talked to her but because we rank really well for our company name, ours was the first that popped up in google.

Shes in Utah, all of the reviews she has left were in Utah, we're in MN but google doesnt care, they wont take it down.


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You could always threaten to sue them for defamation, but unless you are actually that hurt by it, probably isn’t worth pursuing.