Falken Truck Tires


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North West Ohio

Recently I was close to buying a set for my Chevy 1/2 ton. I read a lot of on line reviews. It seemed like a lot of reviews reflected very sloppy- near dangerous- handling under load and/ or in cornering.... look at the various on line tire websites and find the exact tire model your looking for....there are typically loads of consumer reviews.

I ended up going tried and true with the Dueler AT Revo's...I wanted something I could depend on for all weather including plowing. Expensive :cry::cry: but worth it. Get what ya pay for.


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I just got some on my truck, and i like them alot! very good tread design. I didnt spin in the mud. Only have about 1500 miles on them tho...

clay duncan

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marion n.c.
I ran a set on a f250 and i would buy them again. i got really good service from them. they did really well plowing snow and the truck handled very well with no road noise.....