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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by XLS, Sep 27, 2011.

  1. Andy31

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    I dont doubt he can pass out 20,000+ flyers. I was just curious about the method, because I know I dread hanging a 1000 door hangers, I just could not imagine walking 20X that. I think passing them out from a single location, like XLS is doing, would be the the most efficient way of distribution.
  2. XLS

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    andy it beats the hell out of walking those 20 miles .They just handed them out as people showed the gesture of a hand out of a window and a smile.
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  3. Green Industry Pro

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    Sounds awesome man. I have honestly never thought of handing out flyers at conventions and events. Its an amazing idea! I'm curious how large of an area does your company work in and how many employees you have? It sounds like you operate a small city lol
  4. larryinalabama

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    Im thinking of advertising for fall cleanups and winter time handy type work, Ive been backed up and half my accounts keep me working through the winter. I havent spent one cent on advertising since March.
    Everyone tends to want cleanups before Thanksgiving and again before Christmas, I may runa small add in a couple of weeks.
  5. JimmyTheGlove

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    Greenstarlawns is right, people don't pay squat for Fall clean-up. Fall cleanup is like changing diapers. It has to be done, no one wants to do it, and it's hard to make a living changing diapers.

    But I advertise for fall cleanup. Not 20,000 fliers advertise, but I'll pick up a few jobs to stay afloat.

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