fall aeration, how many passes?

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by inzane, Jul 8, 2012.

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    i'm already planning for aeration and seeding (fescue) this fall. i read somewheres that you have to do a minimum of 3 passes with the aerator.. i would guess slice seeding could be better.. i don't have one,.. A&S is pretty standard service here in georgia anyway. I've always been told to make one pass with the aerator, then seed, light straw in bare areas.. done. of course i learned all this at trugreen years ago (i know..). i've cared for 100's of lawns that have been done this way (working for trubrown), and the results always seemed great to me every year. They would usually hire some young kids to do this.

    so who makes more than one pass? i wouldn't mind doing more than one, but since it would be more work, i would have to charge more.. so my fear is that if i make it standard to do 2 or 3 passes, potential customers will be scared away by the price. :laugh: I just want to best possible results.
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    remember straw = ANNUAL RYEGRASS . We are cutting out all of the straw this year and better results are achieved with more holes/ sq ft. What type of aerator u running
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    Market your aeration specialty on a website (yours, facebook?) Run a video showing how your method is superior and of better benefit to the potential client.

    People need pictures.

    Personally, I can't aerate alot of my properties in the fall. There are too many leaves on the ground. I'd have to have to pay another crew to come in immediately after we cleaned up the leaves on a property.
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    yeah, i do remember the wheatstraw germination. i'm using a bluebird aerator. i got it serviced and running good, its fast enough now. but still a pain to run. i could always have different price levels for aeration, so i can still get those who don't want to pay for extra aeration passes. i'd like to do 2 passes, but definetly gonna have to work that into my price.. that is WORK right there. lol
    I'll definetly have my sales pitch down on why my price will be more. since i'm not slice seeding is there really any advantage to seeding first, then aeration? wouldn't mind getting by without the straw, the light colored rye growing up over a nice fescue lawn is always ugly looking.

  5. inzane

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    definetly will do that, the first aeration i do is gonna be for a friend, so i plan to document it.

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    Well...if you are running a Plugr © 800 series or a reciprocating Ryan 28 a double pass is a minimum. Rolling tine unit 3-4 passes to keep up. On YouTube search plugr 850 you'll see my time lapse video.
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