Fall already? How do you feel about it?

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by KG26, Oct 10, 2013.

  1. KG26

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    I'll go a head and say it fall isn't my favorite time of the year in this business, only in part because it slows the time it takes me to cut. What I mean is having to clean up after the cut but not do a full clean up. The other part of it is because it takes a while for the all the leafs to come down. This season I just picked up a new to me truck so I don't really have capital to invest in a high capacity leaf loading system. Fall clean ups just take so long. I should probably ad I am a one man company.
  2. 205mx

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    Mulch kit. Thank me very much
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  3. Mike NY

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    You should be charging for your services. If it takes you longer, Bill for your efforts.
    This is why this whole industry is failing. Customers are not paying for what the services are really worth.
    It is truly OK to make a profit, otherwise dont do the extra service.
    I love the fall, one of the most profitable times of the year for me.
  4. andersman02

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    Hit it on the head.

    You should be getting paid for the extra time spent. Fall cleanups we bill out $80-$100 / man hour compared to 50/mh for mowing. Why? $3000 leaf loader, dump truck, triple the gas, tons more work. etc etc.
  5. smallstripesnc

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    A lot of customers I've dealt with in my area don't want the leaves mulched with a mower. They want them completely up from their lawn. The option of mulching them up is out of the question. A lot of people won't even let a mower touch their property. They want them blown and completely taken away.

    Last year was pretty rough for leaf removals. It was myself and a helper and we had two big backpack blowers and tarps to start with. I only had a 4X6 trailer so two big tarps was max. Our idea was to get the leaves onto the tarps and then tie the tarps up to hold them. Kind of looks like a big tomato once tied up. Towards the end of the season I invested in a leaf loader and it was a tailgate mount so I placed it on the tailgate and boarded up my truck bed. It worked great but emptying the truck bed was horrible and very time consuming. The leaf loader packed it so well it was like a brick wall. We tried everything to empty it but came to the conclusion the only option is to have a dump trailer set up. I personally don't have the place to keep a dump trailer and I use my bed for a skid sprayer now so a dump bed wouldn't be an option.

    This year I have a 6X12 so I'll be able put more tarps on it. We plan to utilize the tarp method again instead of wrestling with a leaf loader. I thought about setting it up to my 6X12 but the issue is still how to unload all the leaves. I do not have a tractor or anything to put something under to just pull them out plus where we dump at I can't keep a tractor or something there.
  6. TuffTurfLawnCare

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    use a pitchfork to unload the trailer/truck after the leaf loader packs it in tight. short of a dump trailer, that's the best way to unload them...
  7. Glenn Lawn Care

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    I like fall because it is a very profitable season for me. Plus it is hunting season! I hate the fact that warm weather is no longer here and won't be outside much.
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  8. andersman02

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    Haven't you heard of the pallet idea? Stick a pallet standing up hooked to Chain. When ready to dump hook chain to tree and drive forward
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  9. KG26

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    Could you break this part "Fall cleanups we bill out $80-$100 / man hour compared to 50/mh for mowing. " down to me, I didn't really understand all of it
  10. andersman02

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    Efficiency. After going out the last few weeks it's more toward the $70 range. Some much more, some little les s. Efficiency is why you buy a 60" ztr, a leaf loader, dump truck, backpack blower etc. Say you charge 50 per mh for a 10k mower. Should you charge the same hourly for one with a 2k bagger, 3k leaf loader, dump truck, $600 blower? Heck no.
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