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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by Jeff3004x4, Feb 20, 2007.

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    Hey guys I'm new here, I have a side landscaping business with my brother. Currently I'm in school for business management, and once my schooling is completed I would like to start a business, possibly a landscaping business. My question to you guys is what do you do in the late fall and winter as far as work? I live in New England so I'm asking this question to those of you that live in New England. Most of the guys up here plow snow, I was thinking of maybe clearing land for people, cutting down trees, does anyone do this type of work in the winter, are you successful? Thank you.
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    Firewood if you have the space to let it season
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    I am also a college student. My school schedule is already worked around to where I have normally business hours Monday -Friday. So in the winter time, I do some clean up type stuff and I substitute teach ot the local high school.
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    defently go with the firewood and plowing firewood is really good money at least for me i made little over $2000 in a month thats A LOT of wood. for the season it was probaly little over $7000 A LOT MORE WOOD.

    we had a storm that went through and knocked down thousands of trees so it was great for me summer did nothing but cut and stack. it is just LOTS AND LOTS of hard work.

    Almost every one that has a chain saw thinks there experts at taking trees down. theres more to it that just cutting and watching it fall my dads friends died cause the tree turned and went flying the wrong way causing the base that he just cut to hit him in the chest and knocked him in to another tree killing him. so dont just go out there and cut them down look the area over before you make the first cut and if it looks to hard then dont worry about it or top it off (you start cutting from the top and work your way down not smart unless you have a bucket truck)

    just be smart about it and you will do fine but the down side is that the wood has to season for a year.

    but some people dont care if they have an out side wood burner they can cut a tree and put it in with the leaves still on it. i had a guy with one of them and he didnt care if it was green or not he used it.
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    Thank you guys that was allot of good advice, I neglected to tell you guys that my brother and I already do sell firewood. The reason that I am not planning on relaying on firewood sales or snow plowing for my winter income is because the income generated from that is weather pending (this doesn't mean i'm going to stop selling firewood). For example this year I was lucky I sold out in November but the people that didn't advertise early are still sitting on cords of wood, this is because of the warm winter we are having this year. As far as snow plowing goes many people are making out good this year because they have yearly contracts and we only got 8 inches of snow, but the other guys that get paid on the spot are hurting. I can see both sides to this I guess I'm going to have to give this idea some thought, and rethinking. Thanks again

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