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Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by rescuedlawn, Sep 5, 2013.

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    I always go by the hour but I don't tell the customer what it is. I just think about how long I think it will take and add an hour or 2 for that just in case scenario!
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    Ding ding you got it!!! I feel like if people price by the hour instead of by the job that most will find that they actually make money instead of lose it. Although most people might be afraid to tell the customer that they are charging by the hour because they might get told no.

    It is what it is. Just recently I had one my regular customers tell me that since I was going over there to cut their yard one day to just clean the front flower beds. I told him that it will have to be Saturday because I was slam packed the day of and also told him that it will be $250 not to mention that it will take roughly an hour per. Needless to say he responded to the price by saying that's not in their budget to just cut the grsss and I said ok sounds good
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    Mulch installation is usually $60/yard + delivery fee. If the flowerbed is 100 yards away, it would be more. Got to price out shrubs by the amount of time it will take. Be careful for cleaning up trimmings when there is mulch. It never looks nice and takes a long time. You might have to use a tarp around each shrub. If there is no mulch underneath, you just rake and blow the trimmings away.
    As far as fall work, in Maryland we can mow until nov or dec and fall clean ups last until Christmas, it can be a very busy time of year.

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