Fall clean up. A whole neighborhood

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by TPnTX, Dec 2, 2008.

  1. TPnTX

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    I just got a contract for an HOA. It's an older neighbood of over 400 homes, front yard only. Im not surprised I got it. Its just that I didnt think I got it and today they informed me that It started dec 1st.

    No big deal. I really wanted it so now I got it. I also hoped the the current LCO would finish out the year that way they got to do the clean up for 08.

    Again no biggie just scramble and figure it out.

    So leaf guys. What do you think. I don't have a loader and I'd rather not buy one right now. If I used a loader I'd have to rent one which I don't even know if you can.

    I can't grind these down because look at the yards.

    I could get a few guys and tarp or bag it up. But I'm hoping for a better suggestion.

    Billy Goat makes a large leaf vac and since its going to be blown onto the street that may work. I also have a 24" vac chipper but ....It works great on cigarette butts.

    Im wide open for suggestions.

    here is a street view.

  2. TPnTX

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    here is the billy goat united has. It doesn't come with a hose but I sure I can figure that out.

  3. P.Services

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    let me guess you are going to put them into your 7x14 single axle trailer behind the ranger?
  4. PTSolutions

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    Looks like the easiest and fastest way to do the leaf cleanups would have guys with backpacks blow everything in the street/curb. Buy a used leaf loader and just drive down the street sucking them up. It would help if you listed your equipment.
  5. TPnTX

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    sure. I've got three tandem trailers all 16ft. One already has 3 ft sides and a gate but but the reality is that I can fab up sides for any of them quick. I'm a welder so if necessary expanded metal sides isn't an issue. I might also rent a trailer if I have to if it's setup already. U-Rent-it has several.

    Im setup for maintenance. 61" turf tiger, 36" scab WB, 2 - 21 toros. 1 48" JD 2 echo Backpacks, 1 handheld, 3 trimmers, 1 edger, 1 gas trimmer, 2 pickups and one push 6.5hp leaf vac. (again I use it for parking lots with lot of butts).

    picasso. Be cool man I've had enough already today.
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    Could you use a 21" with a bagger and simply suck the leaves and crap up while you mow every time? You would only have to do it until all the leaves are taken care of and then it would be business as usual. Of course a couple blowers and tarps would work out too. It looks slightly difficult because of the size of the lawns and the areas you are working with.
  7. JB1

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    how did you plan on doing it when you bid, what was your idea then ?
  8. TPnTX

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    honestly I thought for sure the current co would get a 30 day which would put us into january and the clean up would be a non-issue. I am r-e-a-l surprised he didn't get a 30 day notice.
  9. TPnTX

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    Per contract schedule I have 2 leaf cleanups in Dec. At the rate they are falling bagging them seems to not be an option.

    I now what to do. I can get several guys and blow them onto tarps haul it off.

    I'm asking for some expert opinions on what to do considering the circumstances and considering the small lots. Small lots means its all going to the street. No room to pile it up in a turf area. Thats the only reason I considered the billy goat. I know it won't attack large piles.

    A loader is going to be the key. Again I'd rather not have to drop 2k right this minute. I may have to but why not post it here and see what some of you guys think. You NE guys are big on leaves. We aren't so much down here especially a whole city block at a time.

    Make no mistake, it'll get done.
  10. JB1

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    blow them to the street and suck them up, unless you want to be there all winter with tarps.

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