Fall clean up. A whole neighborhood

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by TPnTX, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Right now the leaves just turned brown. Maybe a week/week and half ago. They are falling but theres still a lot on the trees. So this isn't going to be a massive job despite the number of units. I know its big but when you hear 400 homes you tend to think real big.

    So regarless how we do it, it will be 2 times this month. Next week and then the last week of december.

    If I got 10 guys @ 100 bucks each. + bags + misc I'm looking at maybe 1200.00 max. I don't think I'll need 10 guys and I won't have to haul anything.

    If I do a loader, I'm looking at 2k make that 2500.00. Then I'm going to pay at least 4 guys. 400.00 + misc. Plus tooling out a trailer. 500.00 I'm pushing 3500.00 initially.

    another 500 second time around since I would have the equipment. for for the month of Dec I'm at 4k. and I will not use this anywhere else.

    Maybe 2400.00 to get it done manually.

    I will look at subing it out too.

    Hopfully next year I'll continue and then perhaps an outlay of cash for the equipment will make more sense.

    Look at this pic though. We're not really taking about that many trees.

    hoa sat.jpg
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    you asked for a better suggestion in your first post and you got them, if you don't like the answers don't ask the questions. good luck.
  3. TPnTX

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    just trying to have a conversation and convey as much info as I possilibly can. This isn't an argument or anything. I know what your saying. You ask someone something and they come back with a reason not to listen to you. I don't mean it that way. I guess i'm thinking out loud and I wanted to make sure that if everyone saw literally how small everything was compared to normal suburb or especially something further north/northeast from here.

    So JB1 You've done a lot of cleanups? whats your set up likea and do you have any pics?
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  4. hackitdown

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    Ten guys can do 400 yards in a day? I'd think a bit more on that one. In my case a 2 man crew can do a small lot in 1 hour, but we get everything.

    Let's say you double my productivity, and ten guys can do 10 per hour bagging. That is 80 per day. You are expecting to do 50 per hour. That means each guy would have to bag up 5 lawns in an hour. Let me repeat: FIVE HOUSES EACH PER HOUR! That is one per guy every 12 minutes without a break. Or a 2 man team has to complete one every 6 minutes, all day long! And I forgot to add in for blowing/raking, breaks, refueling.

    If I had to guess (and I can only guess), a ten man crew could complete maybe 6 or 8 per hour, maybe 50 per day. So 8 or 9 days to finish 400 yards. What is your labor cost on that?

    I suggest 4 guys with backpacks, and one guy driving, one on the leaf-loader. Two team of 2 backpacks on opposite sides of the street, blowing to the curb. The truck crawling along sucking up the leaves. If each blower team could clean 1 yard every 5 minutes then maybe you can get 24 per hour, 192 per day. Again, no time factored in for breaks, refueling, dumping.
  5. Jason Rose

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    Judging by the picture provided at street level, there's very little lawn at each condo or house. I don't see how, with what's there, it could take more than a few minutes per "lot" to blow the leaves away from the corners and edges and run them over with the 61" Z with a 3 bag catcher.

    With that many guys working though, you may need to invest in more equipment, like another Z mower with a catcher.

    With two guys blowing out and another mowing up the leaves, well, I don't know what everyone else is gonna do, lol. I understand why you can't find a leaf loader, probably the same reason you can't find a snow plow around there... Anyway, 1 tree, spaced out the way they are, to me, isn't that many leaves, certianly not to warrant front loaders, etc.
  6. dcgreenspro

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    When you gave this bid, how did you plan on doing this job? how did you come up with time/ fuel/ manpower to do this job and make good money?
  7. Kennedy Landscaping

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    Blow into the street and suck them up with the machine of your choice. How many times will you be doing them? If you can stay on top of it they wouldn't be that bad.
  8. hackitdown

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    If you are correct, and he could do a good job with a ZTR, the leaves still need to be moved from the mower to a leaf bag. So in 5 minutes they blow the leaves, mow the lawn, rebag and move to the next one. So 5 minutes per house? Is that 12 per hour? So 96 complete in 8 hrs? So 4.16 days with a ZTR?

    Unfortunately, I think reality will strike, and they will be able to do 4 or 5 per hour with a ZTR, assuming the leave cover is minimal. Maybe 10 "ZTR days" of work.

    The time killer is bagging everything in leaf bags. He doesn't want to use a leaf-loader because he doesn't want to buy one, and then have to haul the leaves offsite.

    This is a tough one.
  9. LushGreenLawn

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    This contracts got to be over 100K per year right? You can't spend $3000 for a leaf loader? You didn't know leaf removal was in the contract when you signed it? There is something wrong with this picture.

    Its amazing the threads that people can make up. I'm
    offically calling BS. This guy is full of it!
  10. mikewhit1010

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    Im from TX and guys down here dont have loaders. I bag everything I think tarps take to long personally. I agree with some of the post. You need to get more back back blowers and more guys. Not sure how many accounts you have but if you had 100 you expanded extremely fast so becareful. Expansion is not always good. I say get a walker with a bagging system they seem to pick up leaves pretty well. Or you can fab a loader on a trailer which will take maybe 3 days at most if you work slowely and spend a little cash to get a sucker (sorry not sure what brand since I dont use one) and this will save you a lot of man hours for the future because you will need to do this again.

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