Fall clean up. A whole neighborhood

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by TPnTX, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Check marketplace!!! A city leaf vac for sell cheap!
  3. Greenboy24

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    You're going to do 200....thats two hundred houses per day? how many guys are you using? thats a ton of work to get done in that amount of time.....

    what exactly is the plan? You gotta have a detailed plan with a goal like that

    Good luck man, looks like you need it on this one.
  4. jiggz

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    blow out beds with backpacks/finish lawns with bagged mowers if needed.. bring everything to the curb

    rent a leaf loader..

    rent a 24 foot truck from budget..

    use this to pull said leaf loader

    load leaves into the budget truck

    take to where you dump

    scoop the **** out by hand.. this shouldnt take more then 6 hours haha

    buy beer
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    this is actually the best I idea I think you could go with. But modify it a bit, call in a street sweeper. have your crew start in the morning blow the leaves out and have the sweeper come in a pick them up. they do this in downtown charlotte and it works wonderfully.
  6. TPnTX

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    well I think it went okay today all things considered. It was windy as hell so of course that didn't help.

    I got four guys. Me and one guy on blowers and 3 on bags except when we got ahead of the bags one of those guys would get on the other blower.

    We got well over half done. It's not the amount of leaves. It the time to blow out the leaves because of all the small beds and corners.

    We would have done a lot better if I could the worker to understand how two blowers working together is far better than just one. Im on the redmax and he's on the echo 610. When he hits the beds or shrubs and knocks the leaves loose then I direct it. Best description I can give anyway.

    Once they are in the street the bagging wasn't to big a deal. I would be paying 2-3 guys any way push it into piles because these yards are so small there just isn't enough leaves per yard.

    If I used a loader there would have to be a way to move the leaves to the end of a street. It's always windy around here so it's tough. I don't see a wb blower being useful in this case. Maybe some but over all not.

    I didn't count but I bet we did maybe 160 bags. One thing for sure thats a *****. At the end of the day we had one blown out and ready to bag. we all got on it. I did one bag and said screw that. Of course I had a 25lbs blower strapped to me for 8 hours.

    So I'm going to tough it out this year. My ROI on a loader isn't the same as you guys. I'm 15 mins from a workforce center and it won't be a problem to get as many guys as I need on it.

    I was wrong about the Live Oaks. They put out their own share of leaves and they are harder to blow.

    I do appreciate what you guys are saying on a loader. I've got a small kubota HST7500 with a 5' scraper blade. I could use that like a leaf plow or make a leaf plow.

    I keep wondering though. If I added a few more guys and just had them rake/bag. I have a feeling the end result would be close. The small yards and close quarters is just different.

    It would be nice to hear from someone who does townhomes.

    As far as blowers, that redmax 8000 is a beast.

    appreciate all the input.
  7. hackitdown

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    Wow, 200+ done in a day with 5 guys. You proved me wrong. Well done. How you can do 25 per hour is beyond my comprehension, but you did it.
  8. JDiepstra

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    Nice job TPnTX. It seems like a lot of people don't get that those are some extremely small lawns, and the trees are not that big either.
  9. TPnTX

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    yeah I didn't mention I can hardly move. Luckily it rained last night. I was watching the huge storms blowing in and going come on rain!. It common around here for a massive system to blown in and trickle a little. Anyway, you can't do this when it's wet.

    The only complaint I knew of on the Redmax 8000 blower was it's weight and they were right. Those extra few pounds really make a difference.

    There has got to be an easier way.I'll say it again. There aren't enough leaves just blowing them into the street to justify a loader. If you could get all the leaves to one spot them okay that would work but the effort it takes to do that is time consuming.

    Picture a wb blower on a city street. Back and forth curb to curb. Then the wind blows and it's all over the place back in to the yards. I'm asking because I don't know. I've never used one but I am glad I didn't spend the time/money to rent one yesterday.

    At one point the baggers had caught up to us on the blowers. So I got those three guys to get on four houses right next to each other that had a bunch of leaves. I think it was sweetgum. They raked and bagged as we hit that street blowing to the curb.

    I'm all over the place on this one and I knew it would be a trial and error to figure it out. You guys with the loaders are absolutely right about getting leaves off the ground. No question. There is a big big factor here being time and I don't think I would have accomplished yesterday what we did manage to accomplish.

    Maybe I'm wrong but I'm damn sure not trying to argumentative or a "cheap-ass". There has got to be a reason the no one around here uses them. You simply cant deny that. Its volume/practicality I guess. What stumps me on that is the fact that a loader really doens't cost that much in the long run.
  10. TPnTX

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    someone mentioned this earlier and I wanted to see if I could get more feed back on it. I have this 61" Scag. You can get the huge collection system for it. If that were to be a good option to collect with that and dump into the trailer. I would then have a very usefull tool for other jobs including this one.

    The question is how much would it actually pick up on the concrete. Would it blowout too much?

    I'll probably get scewered on this but I have to consider also the DR Power type setup. The problem with those is that you end up with a giant collection like a clam shell that you have to backup and dump. My mind wonders on this one. I keep thinking of using my front end loader to pick up a custom box and dumping in the trailer. Oh and they arent commercial quality.

    So anyway what about the ZTR option. I don't mean the clam shell, the three bag system is sizable. Has anyone ever used on on concrete?
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