Fall Clean Up and other questions

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Artis Palmer, Oct 28, 2001.

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    Many of my customers want an itemize list of services.
    We provide them with a menu of services and request they check all services required.
    How do you price fall clean up and is it different from pricing leaves?
    Also, how do you get your customers to agree to monthly billing?
    Is the service paid in advance or after services are provided?
    Do you provide an annual price for the entrie season and how many customers pay for the year up front.
    We had two customers this year that paid in advance for the entire year.
    I have stored up all of my questions since I have not askany lately.
    One last question, do you have a problem with schedueling?
    Once you have your list of ccustomer for the season, do you create a weekly schedule and work by the scheduel.
    Do you do any weekly billings?

    Thanks for your help.
    an artis touch
  2. bubble boy

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    price fall cu by the hour, adjust rate if you think a certain job will be harder, adjust for dumping costs, etc. only you know your hourly rate

    my customes have no choice but to be billed monthly or up front for the year. make a contract.

    we bill for may at the end of may, etc. but you may bill at the begining if you want, i think that is better but a harder sell.

    less than 5% of my customers pay up front.

    with weekly cutting contracts, set and stick to the schedule unless rain, repairs, etc. i find the customers like consistency.

    of course you may do all of the above how you see best, then sell it ti the people that want it. find your market.

    and you've been around long enough to know to use the search feature, you'll find all the answers searching

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